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Arduous journey to the border

Friday, June 11th, 2010

After taking couple extra nights in Toronto and ensuring Roy’s place looked like a gypsy caravan, we left on the morning of Wednesday June 2nd to first stopped by at George’s factory in Waterloo as he was helping us getting the spare tire harness on the back of the camper.

Things didn’t go as expected and after almost 4 hours of welding sparks, heat guns, fancy flares, and broken hinges now repaired, we finally hit the road from Waterloo at almost 5-6pm in the eve to be welcomed by a thunderstorm with 10-ft visibility.

We were hoping to get across the border during busy time so the customs wouldn’t have much time to spend on us. As we slowly pulled to the border in Jamhuri at 9pm, the only creatures present were us, the guards, and a healthy population of crickets. After having the van turned inside out, we finally made it across an hour or so later with great elation!

It’s a totally different story though that we made it to Josh’s place in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 1am at night making it roughly 15 hours on the road since we left Toronto.