Arduous journey to the border

After taking couple extra nights in Toronto and ensuring Roy’s place looked like a gypsy caravan, we left on the morning of Wednesday June 2nd to first stopped by at George’s factory in Waterloo as he was helping us getting the spare tire harness on the back of the camper.

Things didn’t go as expected and after almost 4 hours of welding sparks, heat guns, fancy flares, and broken hinges now repaired, we finally hit the road from Waterloo at almost 5-6pm in the eve to be welcomed by a thunderstorm with 10-ft visibility.

We were hoping to get across the border during busy time so the customs wouldn’t have much time to spend on us. As we slowly pulled to the border in Jamhuri at 9pm, the only creatures present were us, the guards, and a healthy population of crickets. After having the van turned inside out, we finally made it across an hour or so later with great elation!

It’s a totally different story though that we made it to Josh’s place in Grand Rapids, Michigan at 1am at night making it roughly 15 hours on the road since we left Toronto.

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  1. Juliene Says:

    Hey guys, I’m glad you made it safely across the border!!

    I’m so happy that you’re finally on this journey that you’ve been planning for so long!!!

    Be safe and I’ll see you on the West coast!!


  2. Juliene Says:

    PS: You guys were amazing in that video!!

  3. drifters Says:

    Thx Juliene sensei ­čÖé for the great comments and all your help! that video was quite a surprise for us too, lol.

  4. Gabi Says:

    Awesome video! Wish you all the best and enjoy every single second of your adventure! Keep us posted! xoxo

    p.s. sorry I missed your farewell party! I promise to make it for your return party!!! lol

  5. Tracy Says:

    Hey Drifters-awesome job and I am so glad that I can keep up to date with you and follow your journey. How exciting. I am living vicariously through you…are you still sure you don’t need a nurse??

  6. Susan Says:

    Hi Sandra!

    I’m so proud of you guys!!!! Lord knows I could never do it!
    I hope you guys have a safe journey and if you happen to drive through LA or Vegas keep an eyeout for me! lol

  7. Diane G Says:

    Hi Sandra!

    I’m so happy for you both. These is an amazing opportunity and I applaud your courage for taking this huge step in living out your dream. Enjoy and have a safe and adventurous journey!


  8. pechiman Says:

    Dearest Sagu and Sandra,

    How do i begin? Excellant website.
    Glad that you both are enjoying as planned.Life is a journey, ejnoy it.
    When you in the unknown, take extra care.
    Keep in touch. Lots and lots of luv and blessings.
    Minu pechiman

  9. Rhea Says:

    OMG! You guys are living my dream! I didn’t even know you guys were doing this! Sounds like an awesome adventure. Will definitely keep checking your site for updates. Looking forward to see tons of pics and videos. Take care!

  10. Brigitte/Biguschen Says:

    Hallo meine zwei Lieben,

    es ist wundersch├Ân eure Reise verfolgen zu k├Ânnen und in Gedanken
    mitfahren zu k├Ânnen. Ihr gestaltet das auf eurer Web-Seite ganz hervorragend. Leider habe ich einige Schwierigkeiten beim ├ťbersetzen, aber der gro├če ├ťberblick ist da, ich ich mu├čte doch herzhaft lachen (Dusche). Ich w├╝nsche euch f├╝r eure Reise – f├╝r dieses Abenteuer – viel Zeit zum Staunens, Zeit zum Innehalten, Zeit f├╝r neue Erfahrungen, Zeit f├╝r intensive Gemeinschaft, Zeit zum Tr├Ąumen, damit ihr an diesen Erfahrungen wachsen k├Ânnt. Passt gut auf euch auf.
    F├╝hlt euch ganz fest umarmt von

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