Leaving for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons

We stayed about a week in Chicago with my sister Deepa and brother-in-law Mayank. They’ve been amazing hosts and were very patient with us while we slowly tried to ramp up our spice tolerance with Indian food.

After reading a few accounts on Yellowstone such as the fact that this has been the year with the most number of bear cubs and that a grizzly can close in a 100 yards gap in few seconds to the advice that a group of smaller than 4 people hiking in Yellowstone backcountry can be dangerous, we decided to take couple extra days to ensure we were well prepared.

Learned one important thing that the Bear Sprays sold in MEC are very weak compared to the ones required for serious grizzly country like that in Yellowstone or Denali. For that you need the ones sold in REI or Cabela’s such as Udap or Counter Assault which have 2% Capsaicin content vs. the 1% in the Frontiersman sold at MEC. Glad we figured that BEFORE we saw any grizzlies!

Now we’re off for 2-3 weeks in Yellowstone and will post updates afterward. Keeping my fingers crossed that we see many many bears.

4 Responses to “Leaving for Yellowstone and Grand Tetons”

  1. Fernanda Ahlberg Says:

    I love the outdoors and Montana is the place for that, just got a new Kayak. I can’t wait to give it a run!

  2. Roy Says:

    Hey man, get this – ‘Grands Tetons’ in French translates to ‘Large Nipples’. Enjoy!

    How are the tunes?

  3. Pechiman n Minu Says:

    Beautiful place, excellant scenary and wildlife guys! keep placing pics more often.
    May be kenyan wildbeasts are more afraid of kenyan drivers than crocs….
    Take care. Luv

  4. drifters Says:

    thanks for the comment and hope you like the other posts.

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