We were on TV!

Apparently, Josh works at a local Michigan TV station called WZZM and a colleague of his, Stephanie, wanted to do a small story on us and we agreed. What we didn’t know was what to expect as we did the interview about 10 minutes after waking up and with bright lights on our faces. I’m thinking “deer in headlights”….

Check out the clip on the station’s site:

We left for Chicago on the evening of Friday June 4th and made it there around 10 at night after catching some good draft off trailers that overtook us. This shoots our highway cruising speed through the roof (literally!) from 60mph to 70 mph!!!! Def. proud of Jamhuri to pull that off.

Think of it as a modern interpretation of God Speed and Good Winds!

8 Responses to “We were on TV!”

  1. Pete Kloppenburg Says:

    We saw this on your FaceBook page! We were cheering! Makes sense to me they wanted to do a story – Camille and I have been bragging about you guys (with a healthy dollop of envy) for weeks.

    Also, no deer in headlights – you guys were great, very natural. Time to get your own reality TV show – TLC on line 2!

  2. Pete Kloppenburg Says:

    By the way, love the site, and also, a retroactive First!

  3. drifters Says:

    Thx for the great encouraging comments Pete, can always count on you for support! It also relieved me for the site as I wasn’t too sure yet. I’ll keep this updated whenever we hit civilization. take care n say hellos to Camille for us. – Sagi

  4. Ryan Bosinger Says:

    Haha… I can’t believe they put on TV. You’re probably famous in Michigan.

  5. drifters Says:

    haha, true that Boztown! we really didn’t know what to expect when the tv guys came over for like 15 minutes but guess they know their stuff!

  6. Moo Moo Says:

    Wow I’m so jealous…. I still can’t believe that you guys are gone.. I wonder if one day I will set off for my world journey… So see you in Kenya in December?

  7. Robert Fraser Says:

    Hey Sagi…finally got the site from Jason (MarketLink). You know your home sweet home (not). Love the photos and write-ups. Looking forward to reading more. Stay safe and enjoy!

  8. drifters Says:

    Hi Robert! great to hear from you 🙂 how is everything at OPPI? sorry for my delayed response. since i’m in backcountry most of the time i get to check internet once every couple weeks or so when i come to a civilization.

    let me know what you think of my writing ability apart from project management ;-). thanks again for the shout out and keep in touch. i’m currently in washington state about to enter BC in couple days.

    best regards to all at OPPI,

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