About Us

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” This simple yet powerful philosophy of Andre Gide sent us searching for ‘new oceans’ and what better time to brave the swells than before a big change in life.

Sandra and I knew that we’d be looking to start a new phase in life by settling down and wanted to get onto an adventure of a lifetime  so as to have no regrets later. Ever since we’ve been together, we’ve dreamed of  a trip that’d last for months and take us somewhere that’s perfect for us. That place for us is out west in BC and we decided to catch up on adventure while we’re at it and move from Toronto westward.

So call it simply a big trip or a journey of self-realization or blowing our savings, we have hit the road from the beginning of June 1010 with our first (moving) home purchase: our campervan Jamhuri. We basically sold all our belongings in Toronto such as our beloved VW, furniture, gadgets and almost everything that didn’t fit in the van!

The rough plan’s to travel across US as well as western Canada before flying to Germany and Kenya to spend quality time with friends and family. While travelling, our main aim is to do as much backcountry hiking, canoeing, and mountaineering as possible .But the best thing about this trip is that we don’t have to have a plan since time’s the only luxury we have and if we like a place, we’ll stay longer, if not, we’ll hit the road again.

Wonder why I keep humming, “On the road again…..”